10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

If you didn't know already, This is my first tack and day on tackk. I decided to make a tack that gave you viewers more information about myself. So, without further due, let's jump into it!

#1  I have auburn hair and blue eyes.. :)

#2 I'm in advanced math but, I don't like math at all.

#3 I run cross country in the fall at my school.

#4 I'm 100% fan girl. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, (Marvel), Indiana Jones, River of Time Series, Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Warriors, Inheritance Cycle, HTTYD, The Hobbit, Lotr, and many, many more.

#5 One of my goals/wishes is to get a kitten! I've wanted a kitten since kindergarten... I hope it comes true!

#6 I want to travel to somewhere tropical in the U.S with friends one day.

#7 I have found 3 four leaf clovers in the open and I currently have one contained in my dresser.

#8 I have a grass and mold allergy that sucks! If I don't take my medicine I have a cold for days :(

#9 A dude licked my arm in 4th grade.. I don't want to explain...

#10 I have 2 actor crushes...... here's one of them. imma too embarrassed..

and, there you go! 10 things you didn't know about me. If you want me to do anything, comment below and have a great day!

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Me too I luv this tackk

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I think this is bold it took my second day to get my version up