Miranda H. & Mackenzie S.

Bring the under water life in your home! Aquariums can be a beautiful sight to see. Especially when filled with a variety of fish with many interesting traits and personalities.

Mackenzie S.

This is a Kenyi Cichlid fish. These fish swim in water temperatures of about 72 to 82 degrees in natural habitats. Their size ranges from 4 to 6 inches. If placed in a tank their swimming level is mainly in the middle of the tank. To provide a safe home for these type of fishes, they need about 29 plus gallons of watered in the tank. These fish cost 6.89$.

Mackenzie S.

This bright red creature is a Red Oscar Cichlid, being as beautiful as it is this fish is native mostly to Africa. Their average size is 6 inches. In the tank their swimming level is in the middle. These type of fish are territorial, but if kept with fish the same size as them they are for the most part peaceful. The gallons needed in a tank for a comfortable life is 29 plus gallons. Also these fish cost 6.99$ each.

Mackenzie S.

This is the African Spotted Leaf Fish. Average size for this fish is 6 inches. Also this fish swims in water temperatures of 72 to 82 degrees. Their swimming level is in the middle of the tank. This fish prefers to swim in salt water and does great with plant life in tank, and is a mostly peaceful fish when swimming with other fish. The price per each fish is 8.99.

Miranda H.

What's a fish tank without fish decorations!!!

The first, decoration we chose is the rock cave. The cost is for one is 35$. The quantity of this item is 1.

The second, decoration we chose is the coral with flowers. The cost is 45$. The quantity of this item is 1.

The third, decoration we chose is the Castle Bridge. The cost is 30$. The quantity of this item is 1.

Mackenzie S.

This task could not be completed as for my partner (Miranda) did not complete the gravel measurements required for this part of the tack.

Mackenzie S.

Budgeting is very important, so that we can keep track of what's spent, what's saved, and what might needed to be taken out in order to fit your requirements.

Item                                    $ for each                             Quantity                           Total Cost $

Kenyi African Cichlid         6.89$                                         2                                         13.78$

Red Oscar Cichlid                  6.99$                                      2                                          13.98$

African Spotted Leaf Fish  8.99$                                         3                                          26.97$

Medium Size Tank              225$                                           1                                           225$

Filter for Tank                      70$                                            1                                             70$

Heater for Tank                    36$                                           1                                              36$

Light for Tank                       50$                                           1                                               50$

Gravel                                    Cost not provided...

Plants for Tank                     15$                                           1                                                 15$

Plants for Tank                     12$                                           1                                                 12$

Decorations                           35$                                          1                                                  35$

Decorations                           45$                                          1                                                  45$

Decorations                           30$                                          1                                                  30$

Total Cost-

What's a fish tank without a actual tank?!

The tank chosen was a medium size tank and is 225$.

The dimensions of the tank is H20", D15", L36"

The volume of the tank is 10,800in^3

The tank hold 46.875 gallons and the fish chosen require 29 gallons.

2 Kenyi African Cichlid  ,   2 Red Oscar Cichlid,  3 African Spotted Leaf Fish


To- Mrs.Clarke 1st period

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