Things, Wings and Bling

The distractions which are robbing us of our faith

Through it all, through it all I've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God. Through it all, through it all I've learned to depend upon his word.

I give the world 6 and I give him 1, because it is his will.

Rest, recoup, replenish and giving him his praise. We are all important and he needs you to survive.

So many of us have been through storms and rain! We can tell you horror stories about heartache and pain. Your faith has carried you through it all and without your faith and his protection, we will truly fall. Yolanda Adams - Victory

We must stop worrying about things we don’t have, because the distraction of thing, wings and bling is robbing us of our faith.

It is not my place to preach; however this is just a reminder. We can only serve one God.

They have us believing everything is a war, but the real war is following the law of the lord.

If you believe in him and his blessings, I promise he will make everything okay.

It is his will, that every need be supplied!

Get your faith back America!

Get your faith back World!