My Goals

Brooke Johnson
Core 3

Personal Goal:

My personal goal is to make the best of life and learn a lot to achieve a lot in return.

Educational Goal:

My educational goal is to learn a lot of things and pay attention and make good grades in school so that I can go to college and get a job.


For my Nutritional Goal is to eat healthier and exercise a lot to stay fit.

Humanitarian Goal:

My humanitarian goal is to help the less fortunate by charity and meeting and playing and bonding with people who don't get that. I went during the summer to Tennessee and help little kids who don't get anything and became their friend.

Career Goal:

My Career Goal is to be a pastry chef. My friends and I ever since we were little wanted to be pastry chef's and create our own bakery when we get older and we still plan to do that till this day. And we will achieve that by going to college and getting a degree.

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