February Conference

By Michael Rich


On my SRI I got a 882 and I need a 600 to be proficient.One thing I need to work on my poetry for my theme test. I did well on my vocab review.For my MLK leader I got 9/10.For my vocab I got 11/12.On "Dust of Snow" which was a poem I got 5/10.On "Let It Snow"   which was a story I got 7/11.


For writing I got a 3 for my Colorado persuasive Essay.For my Settlers and Indians I got 3. On my News ELA I got a 4. One thing I need to work on is my persuasive Essays. One thing I did well with is my News ELA.


On my long division I got 7/10. On my multiply and divide with 0 and Elapsed time I got 5/5. On my unknown numbers in an equation I got 3/5. On my fractions greater, less, equal to 1/2  I got 4/4. On my add and subtract fractions I got 5/5. On my reducing fractions into simplest terms I got 8/10. On my math test I got 20/28


Social Studies and Science

On my chapter 4 unit test I got 13/18. On my chapter 8 unit test I got 18/30.


I have  been doing well in class. I still need to work on not getting mad.

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