The Princess Survey

Are They Positive Role Models?

Above is a picture of my product approval and below is my Checklist.

My paper was about how the Disney Princesses effect young children and if they are positive role models. I surveyed a group of young girls to see their opinions on these young women. My survey included physical and personality types.

Are young girls effected by these Princesses and/or the colors that society puts on them. Pink is for girls, blue is for boy, why?

Remember when little girls were like this...

not anymore...

Who does this little girl remind you of? If you guessed Cinderella then you are absolutely right! And they say these princesses don't have an influence on these girls.

In my survey I noticed that the most popular colors were pink, red, and purple. The most popular of those 3 colors was pink.

I also noticed that the most desired body types were triangle, rectangle, and hourglass. Out of those 3, hourglass was the most popular. 50% also said that they prefer doing artistic activities such as singing and dancing.

In Conclusion I found out that Ariel, The little Mermaid was the favorite of most of them. I also found out that yes princesses do effect the choices of these kids but they love them. They want to be like them in their future because they are beautiful and resemble a successful women, who always has a happily ever after.

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2 years ago

ohhhh I saw it and I thought it was amazing you are right blue is not for boys