Ebola  is a notorious virus that caused a lot of deaths .Over 759 people died in Sierra leon and Guinea  since August 1 2014. This virus has a  really high fataly rate (around 50%).In total,  only in Africa ,5338 people died because of the virus since last year. Because of it's high mortality rate , the virus has been listed as select agent (considered by U.S bio agents as public health threat ).Fortunately ,Ebola is not like the flu  which means it  doesn't spread through the air or water.On the other side , Ebola is transmitted through direct with body fluids such as blood or the saliva of someone infected. The symptoms related to Ebola are : fever greater than (38.6 celcius),chills,severe headache,sore throat,rash,red eyes,muscle pain,weakness,vomitting . The popular symptoms are : bleeding from mouth and rectum and bleeding from ears, nose and eyes .There's treatment to cure the illness. Unfortunately, in Africa,people are poor therefore they do not have the money to get the treatment so they die. EBOLA IS A SERIOUS THREAT.

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