Welcome to Mali!

Welcome to Mali,Africa! Here in Mali,we dance,sing and have fun! Back in the 14th century Mali was one of the richest countries in Africa,which was a big deal then and still is! Now Mali is one of the poorest countries,but it's great architect makes up for it!

Where can I find Mali?

You can find Mali in the West part of Africa. Also if you look at a map and see Mali is right next to Mauritania and Niger. Mali has mostly desert,but consists of  tree's and bushes,as seen in the picture above.

What is Mali's Flag?

Well Mali's flag isn't very different from a lot of places. It's Pattern is just like France's. It's colors are Green,Yellow,and Red if you go in order.

Famous foods

Some famous foods here in Mali are,Sorghum Porridge,but we call it Tô. We also have Zamè ,Fried Rice Served with Vegetables and Beef. Those are just some of our main dishes that we have. We also have Frou-frou,which is a fried pancake! How delicious is that?

The Independence Monument

A famous place in Mali is the Independence Monument.The Independence Monument lies in the Independence square in Bamako,Mali.The Independence Monument area is mostly used for Religious gatherings or sporting celebrations.

Mali's languages

Mali has many different languages,but there main one is Bambara or French if you are part of the Government.Though we do speak other languages like Fulfulde,Dogon,Senufo,etc.

Dancing and clothing

In Mali,dancing is a huge part of our daily things! While most people are dancing or clapping along to the beat,some people will be playing instruments! For the clothing the women's clothing are traditional,but very very colorful! The guys usually wear a shirt and jeans. Though sometimes the younger kids wear shorts for  special occasions.


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