Platypus Protection

Platypuses are endangered!


Platypuses are one of the most weirdest animals in the world! In fact, when scientists discovered it, they thought it was a hoax! The animal is made up of a duck, beaver, and otter. Boys have stingers at the end of its hind heels. Platypuses hunt underwater. They close their eyes, ears, and nose to remain submerged for 2-3 minutes. They use their bill to find food. They eat worms and bugs from the bottom of the pond or lake. They use gravel to help “chew” their food. The platypus moves weirdly on land so it has claws on its webbed hands to help it run. Platypuses also lay eggs!


The platypus lives in water in australia. It is one of the 2 species that lay eggs. (They’re mammals!) The platypus was thought to be a fraud to scientists. Boys have stingers at the end of its hind heels, which makes it venomous. It is sometimes a mascot in special events. Until 2000, it was hunted for its fur. It has webbed feet, beaver tail, duck bill, and otter body. It is pretty light. It’s body temp. is normal. The platypus has a sixth sense. When it’s eyes, ears, and nose are closed, it can still hunt and catch food! The platypus is an excellent swimmer. It uses the webbed feet to turn and its tail to move forward. Scientists found out that platypuses lay eggs around 1985. It only lays 2 or 3 eggs though. A fungal infection is keeping it’s numbers down.

Opinion Piece

I do not want the Platypus to fall. They’re awesome animals! I’m inferring why they are

endangered: People cook platypus eggs because they’re the only mammal eggs in the world (that I know of) and they will sell them for a high price. That is why they are endangered! (I think.) I just learned that a fungal infection is keeping it’s numbers down. Platypus are cool and I don’t want them to go.

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