The country "Fly" was founded in 1787 by Pancho Villa when he was testing the first dirt bike ever created. Pancho drove through the testing ranges, and before he knew it, he was in a territory no one knew about. After not knowing how to go back, Pancho decided to stay and form a new country called ''Fly". After inviting all of his family and friends to form part of his new country, Fly had a population over a million.

All of the people of Fly believes and are part of "Motocrossism". Motocrossism is a religion formed after people watched Pancho Villa riding, jumping and doing tricks on his dirtbike every one called Pancho a "Riding God". After Pancho builded a dirt bike for every person in his country, every one started loving Pancho so much they decided to create and be part of "Motocrossism". Motocrossism people have to drop everything and ride at least one hour everyday to honor their founder Pancho Villa.

Based on on their perfect weather and climate, Fly offers mostly Mexican food, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and much more. Although there is some people who eats italian, and other country foods in Fly. Mostly every one prefers Mexican food. Because there is no food market foods in Fly, every family in Fly has a garden and a farm where they get their food from.

Every family in Fly lives in open territory cities. Each family also have a farm house which they live in. The architecture that is most preferable in Fly is modern. Although every farm house is unique in its own way, most of them are modern farm houses.

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