my photography

i took some photos of nature and edited them using a site called pixlr.

This is an original photo of a garden that I took using rule of thirds.

I edited this photo using an effect called Hagrid, a border and text that says 'garden'.

This is another original photo of a pot plant that I took using a technique called fill the frame.

in this edited photo I put the colour up and used focal to get the main plant, then I used text to write 'pot plant'.

This is a photo of a Rosella plant I used rule of thirds.

This is my edited version of the Rosella plant and for this photo I used a border, focal and text.

for this photo of a plant I used texture for a good photo.

this is a version of a plant and I edited it using a plant border, focal and colour.

this is a collage of all my edited photos.

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