Historical Figure Facebook Project
by Zaahira Basil
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia,PA)

Her parents were Ptolemy XII (Auletes) and Cleopatra V Tryphaena. Cleopatra gain control of the throne when her father died in 51 B.C. She was only 18 years old and she was supposed to share power of the throne with her 12 year old brother Ptolemy XIII. Ptolemy XIII advisers told him to get rid of Cleopatra VII, which caused her to leave to Syria in 49 B.C. She began building an army and looked for support from Julius Caesar. She returned to Egypt with Caesar and had a son around 49 B.C. After her brother and Julius died she and her son gain power of the throne. Mark Anthony allied with Egypt and eventually abandoned Rome. He killed himself because he believed Cleopatra killed herself. After being defeated by Octavian Cleopatra killed herself. She was the last Pharaoh because Rome took over Egypt.

She was a powerful female leader who was very ambitious, to revive the former glories of the house of Ptolemy and the kingdom of Egypt. She was definitely a risk-taker, she risked much in the pursuit of her ambition, and ultimately failed. And she was a good communicator because she influenced both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony , so she obviously had a persuasive personality. She was ruthless, but then if you wanted to be a ruler in those days you had to be,especially considering her position. And she was very clever and well-educated, with a particular interest in foreign languages, she spoke many fluently. She was the first member of the Ptolemy family to learn the Egyptian language, so she also had an inquiring mind.