(1200 - 1279)

The Mongols were a nomadic tribe that were separated into clans lead by a khan. But in 1206 a man named Genghis Khan united the tribes and set out the make an empire. He conquered much of Asia but in 1227 he died. The Mongols ruled the empire peacefully allowing the people to keep their faith which lead to Pax Mongolia, Mongol peace.

Yuan Dynasty

(1260 - 1368)

The Yuan dynasty started in 1260 when Genghis Khan's grandson, Kublai Khan became the emperor of China. Kublai Khan was the first outsider to rule China. To make the Chinese like him he moved the capital from Mongolia to a city which is close to today's Beijing. But only non-Chinese could have high government positions. He adopted many Chinese practices but didn't let Mongols absorb any Chinese culture. During the Yuan Dynasty trade increased due to the building of roads across the empire and the extension of the Grand Canal.

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