The Watsons go to Birmingham.

Book Report.

The Watsons live in Flint Michigan where it is very cold. And mama hates the cold, she'd rather live Birmingham where she used to live. But dad and everyone else don't mind the cold.

The kids names are Byron, Kenney, and, Joetta, but everyone calls her Joey.

Byron is a troublemaker. He is always pulling pranks on Kenney and he likes to hurt Kenney all the time. Byron has done some ridiculous stuff that you wouldn't believe. Like hitting birds with cookies, kissing himself in a car side mirror and getting his lips stuck to the frozen mirror, lighting army men's parachutes on fire then putting it in the toilet, and using a type of hair product to straighten your hair out, that turns your hair the most ugliest color you could think of.

Kenney is a really good reader. When he was in second grade he could read in a 5th grade level. He even got to go to Bys 5th grade class and read a book. He is a very kid.

Joey is the youngest. She is always telling on her brothers. She likes to cry a lot. And anytime By is getting in trouble, she starts crying and tries to get him out of trouble.

  Momma and dad have tried everything to get Byron  to stop all the things that he has been doing, even shaving his hold head, and burning his fingers with fire. They didn't know what else to do. They had the idea to send him to Birmingham with his grandmother who won't put up with the stuff he does for the summer. But they weren't sure if that was going to happen. From the stuff that By had told Kenney about their grandma Sans, Kenney thought that sending him to grandma Sans was terrible punishment.

But at the same time he won't have Byron picking on him all the time and punching him. So maybe it won't be so bad not having Byron around.

So what will the Watsons do,send Byron to Birmingham for the whole summer or keep him and find some other punishment.

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