Birth Control

The Nuva Ring

Nuva Ring releases hormones



which keeps eggs from leaving the ovaries as well as making cervical mucus- keeps sperm from getting to the egg.

Most common side effects-

Tissue irritation


Mood Changes

LESS sexual desire

Nausea/ vomiting

Severe side effects-

Blood clots

Toxic shock syndrome

Liver tumors

High blood pressure

How Does it Work?

It last for 3 weeks and in order so it to work efficiently, it is recommended that you take it out on the same day and the same exact time that you inserted it 3 weeks ago.

Usually after using it for three weeks one tends to have their menstrual period.

How long should you wait after inserting a new one?

Exactly a week after you inserted prior till the current time.

For instance,  say you apply the Nuva ring on a Monday at 8:00 pm then three weeks later after taking it out on Monday, at 8:00 pm, then you must wait an additional week to then start the whole process over on Monday, at 8:00.

Basically, consistency is the key!

Down Sides-

It is only 98% effective.

It has been reported that some individuals have inserted the Nuva Ring into their bladder.

Up side-

No matter how far or what shape it goes in as, the Nuva ring still works due to the fact that it gives off the hormones through out your body.

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