By Marcus Lynch

Group Number- 10

Family Name- None

Density- 8 g/cc

Melting Point- 1728 K (2651 F)

Metal/Nonmetal- Metal

State of Matter- It is a solid at room temp.

What does it Nickel react with?- Nickel is resistant to corrosion at high temperatures. So they use it in gas turbines and rocket engines for this reason.

How do we get Nickel?- You have to mine in order to get nickel. Australia has the most to be mined and Canada also has a lot of nickel over by the Ontario area.

What are some common uses?- The most common use for nickel is making alloys. A main one would be like stainless steel. It is also used in cell phones and medical equipment.

Commonly identified compounds and Isotopes- Nickel Nitrate, Ni 58, Ni 60, Ni 61, Ni 62, and Ni 64.

History- It was discovered in 1751 in Sweden. The man who discovered it was Axel Fredrik Cronstedt. It was used to color glass green.

Fun Fact- The coin that we Americans call a nickel which is equal to five cents. Is only 25% nickel and is 75% copper.