7 things you don't need to know about Storm !

I  love  to  hang  out  with  my  friends  because  the  are very  funny  and  are  fun  to  be  around at school.

My favorite animal is the baby panda

I  love pandas because they are so intelligent and are also super cute & relaxed like me and they are really fluffy.

I love to take photos with cameras.

I love photographer and I think it's amazing and want to be a pro photography  when I grow up and do scene pics.

My favorite lollies are the M & M's

My favorite lollie is m & m's because they come in all different colours and flavors but the purple m&m's are my favorite.

I love to draw

I love to draw now and again but I would love to learn to draw like this later in my life because of the 3D effect.

My favorite hobby is to play netball.

I  Love to play netball and it is a winter sport the same season as my birthday month and when I grow up I want to be a silver fern.

This is Dad Rangi & I, my sister Skye, Me & my nana Honey, my cousin Javontay ,my mum Dayna & I

I love to hang out with my family because they are so so funny .

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