who killed Lucy Beal

If you think she fell over a chair . Because of max if she died in the woods I mean just drop dead. That means he could of  killed her but, peter was 3 meters away from her. He could of done it , if you remember before she left her house peter heard his dad saying Lucy was his favourite. Did peter do it out of jealousy ,but what about Abe ? she hates  Lucy , she was dating her dad behind people backs. Did Abe think she was a waste of time for her dad. However Denisse was about to become her mother in law,  they always argue, did Denisse want to end the war. Denisse was planning on leave  her dad. Did Lucy find out?. Did Denisse think she had to kill her because she didn't know what Lucy would of done. Moving on to Ian nearly everything he did was a mistake was this one of them . Did you know he was homeless before? . Before Lucy left the house she argued with her dad was he getting his own back?. Jane said she left abruptly for someone whose stepdaughter had just been murdered was she lying. she had to live in a house to see father and daughter sometimes at each others throats. Did she want to make the house a happy place?. What about Whitney  did you know that Lucy was bulling her , nobody likes a bully.  She asked Loren if she could have the password for Lucy  computer. She said she wants to help but dose she, she had a conversation with Lucy arguing  was it saying I will to kill you. what about jay he never argued with Lucy but cc tv  saw jay on the same bus as her and got of the same stop as her . however when Lucy was killed he was no were near  her .the cockers shared a dark past they even killed their own child. do they have something to hide?. have you thought about Cindy the were always fighting but did Cindy prove she was stronger.                                                                                                                                                             sourly Loren didn't do it if you watch the episodes she has found out how Lucy died she seemed more scared bye this if you don't agree  with me # tell me who killed Lucy # follow me and Jakob