Animal Poaching

in Africa

Animal Poaching is killing a species of animal illegally. This has been an issue since the 20th Century. They most severe years of poaching were 2012 and 13. I, also believe that if not corrected... it will proceed and become popular.

The main species targeted is Elephants. Above, a baby Pigmy Elephants caresses his dead mother. This dead elephant will most likely be used for its skin,horns and even fat. Made for certain coats, necklaces, and perfumes.

My Goals for this project is to..

1. To influence the young minds and the adults to put an end to this.

2.  Point out why poachers should quit this illegal behavior.

3. Even to be recognized for dedication to this situation

This problem has been going on about a good 80 years. Every time, this has been addressed to society. The problem dies off slowly then comes back even bigger. My way of impacting this is to, meet the poacher head on. Then, arrest them for this illegal crime. If poaching ends up wiping out a whole species then a chain reaction will happen. Species and species and species will soon have to die or adapt due to poaching.

This is a reasonable graph for the work I wish to help accomplish

This a graph of the expenses for the necessary work.


• My organization is for putting a stop to Animal Poaching.

• It's better for the world and their environment for a more thriving population of that species.

• In order, to take full effect. They will need the government to get on board and help out.

• This project will need a good 115K to have some space for any iccendents.

• There will be many donations to help out this organization soon.

Key Personnel


The determination of my success will rely on the way my organization works as a team. Also, time needs to be on our time to prevent more poachin

... so much! Hope you enjoyed! 💖

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