My Life In Germany

The first noise I hear in the morning is my alarm clock. I wake up at 6 am, so I have enough time to get ready for school. I make my bed, get dressed, eat breakfast with my sister and brush my teeth. My friends pick me up at 7:20 at my house and we ride together with our bikes to school to the "Gymnasium Kronshagen".Then we have to hurry to get to our first class, the first period starts at 7:40. Everyday we have different classes, but in every class you are with the same students together. A school day has seven periods. At 1:00 pm after the 6th period is finally lunch. I go with my friends to the cafeteria and we eat lunch. Our cafeteria has everyday in the week different food. Sometimes they cooked pasta or potatoes, different kinds of vegetables, meat or fish or soups. With every meal you get a salad, a water and sometimes a desert or a fruit. We have 35 minutes. After we ate we usually go outside walk around and talk. When the bell rings we go to our last class of the day. At 2:15 is my last class finally over. All students go to their bikes and I go back with my friends to my home. I arrive at the same time like my sister. We put together our bikes in the shed and then I go to my room to do my homework and to study for tests. At 4:30 pm I have soccer practice so my friend Henrike picks me up at 4 o`clock. In my team are 18 girls and our coach is really nice. We all have much fun together. During the weekend we often have a game, sometimes my parents come to watch it. When I am back from practice, I take quick a shower and dry my hair. Then my family sit all together around the table and we eat diner. During the diner we talk about our day and our experiences. After the diner my sister and me clean the kitchen. Finally I can relax. Sometimes I read a book, hear music, do crafts, play a game with my sister or I watch TV with my parents and my sister. Then it`s already late and my sister and I have to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth in the bathroom and put my pajama on. Before I go to bed I choose my cloth for the next day, put them on my chair and pack my backpack. You need a pen, pencil, paper, books, journals, folders, a water bottle and if you want a snack for school. I like to take an apple or a cracker with me. Then I say my parents and my sister good night and go in my room. I set the alarm for the next morning, turn the light off and go to bed.

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