Select the Best Curtain Fabrics from Your Favorite Online Store

Curtains are stylish way to add privacy, improve your interior décor, keep your home cool, and gain protection from ultraviolet rays. Online fabric stores now bring the best quality curtained choices right within your hands reach. You can go for transparent varieties to keep your room sunny or opaque and heavy options ideal for your bathroom and bedroom. Room specific curtained choices work the best because the privacy requirement for different spaces across your home is also different. Also, you need to match them with furniture, paint, carpet, blinds, and wallpaper for a seamless integration.

Ideal curtains for your bedroom

Most people prefer their bedroom to be dark in private. In such a scenario heavy fabrics seem like an appropriate choice. Sometimes, you will come across rooms with curtains matching the wall color on the inside and a heavier version towards the outside. Also, full-length options are preferred for this room.

Curtains for your bathroom

These are generally of two types,

  • a) For obscuring the window
  • b) For accenting opaque windows

This can be of half-lengths or one that covers the windows based upon individual choices. White and cream are the most preferred colors provided you are not using the curtains for accenting.

The best kitchen curtains

The only requirement for most people when it comes to choosing curtains for the kitchen is that it needs to be optimally sunny and bright. A popular choice is lace quarter curtains with the main aim being more decorative than functional. However, the fabric store material should be such that it doesn't attract various cooking substances, grease, or food smoke.

Curtain choice for your dining room

What is your dining room decor? Depending upon this the choice of your curtain will vary. For a formal space, naturally you will purchase formal curtains matching the room color. With an east or west side dining room situation, you have a sunny space having plenty of light coming in. Sheer curtains are great choice for spaces that don't receive much light. The length of the window will also guide your curtain purchase decision. Full-length windows require full-length curtains, for half/quarter length windows go for complementary curtains but for accent purposes, full-length varieties will do as well.

Color selection for your curtain

Nothing is more time-consuming or important than accurate color selections for your curtain. Fabric stores offer plenty of choices that you need to make sure that it doesn't clash with the paint on your walls to create a jarring note. Creams and off whites work the best as it is possible to match these hues with anything.

Selection of patterns

This poses a difficulty when judging so look towards the room for inspiration before you buy from your favorite web store. If no dominant patterns seem to exist, soft curtain patterns seem appropriate. In a multiple patterned room, as with textured walls nothing works right except lace patterns.

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