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what is business?

business is a way of making money and making profit.

what is a customer?

a customer is someone that buys the goods of you.

what is a supplier?

a supplier is someone that sells goods.

what is a consumer?

a consumer is a person that buys goods and consumes it.     



what is market research?

a market research is a person that researches about their local area to see if they can start the business their

what is primary research?

a primary research is your own research. the research that you find out by your self

what is secondary research?

a secondary research is when other people research. e.g. they use the computer or the internet to find out the information.

what is qualitative data?

is when you ask a question to find one good idea in groups.

what is quantity data?

quantity data is when you find lots of good ideas with your group.

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.       Chapter 4

What is meant by brand image?

Brand image means the image or logo of the brand.

What brand image might businesss want for the following products ?

A club in town centre.

What is meant by the term after sales service ?

It means You sell it after a sale

State geo types of after sale service that could be given to a garage?

Car sales man and business man.

Explain Why a business might want to develop a brand?

To make more money.

Using a example explain Why the term product range of a business?

They sell things to do with the product.

List two benifits to customars drom compatision ?

Make money and make profits

State there strengths and three weeknesses to a small sports shop?

People Like to buy sports stuff , it could be cheap, make alot of money, its not popular , needs to be big , less customars.

Explain Why someone with experince of a coffee trade might set up a special store?

They might know the idea of bussiness and might be rich.

State two business might choose to set up a shop near a rival?

They might not have enyother place to make the shop or they font want their rival to get customar .

Chapter 4

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