Centennial Break

When I first heard about the vacation, I felt happy but quite sad. Happy because I have time to adjust myself to my new world and also to prepare myself well. While sad because I have found my new friends and I will surely miss them. And also I thought that it's been weeks when I start in college then vacation again so, I felt sad.
Before the Centennial Break came, our professors had given us some tasks to do so that we can still study our lessons even we're on a vacation. And so that our mind will still on studying and get prepared or our upcoming Midterm exam.
When the Centennial Break came, at first I felt lazy on starting doing my assignments, I told to myself that our vacation is three weeks so I have so much time to do it. But I realize that the early I did my assignments is more better because I can have time to read my notes an review them and also to arrange some of my stuffs.

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