Book Report
Frankenstein-Mary Shelley
by- Boris Izkovich
9-th grade

Assignment 1-2; Identity Card & Discribing of the Main Character:

The main character in the story is,Henri Clerval.This story takes place in sity Geneva, in year 1795.The story told in first body, by Henry Clerval himself. The sentence that prove that -" My name is Henry Clerval, i was born in 1795, in sity of Geneva." I guess that Henri's height is like 1.70.m, and the weight is 67 kg.(This guesses is not based at any fact from the book.)

Assignment 3 - Conflict/Problem:

So in my book, there is no Conflict but there is some Problems. Some of them small and some of them is the big Problems that they part of the main plot.

  1. Victor Francenstein stop to write letters to Henri and to his family.
  2. He starts to create his "creation" (he use pieces of the human body).
  3. The "Creation" become "Monster" after failed experiment.
  4. The Monster kill Frankenstein's little sister.
  5. The Monster requires from Frankenstein a "wife".
  6. The Monster kidnap Elizabeth (Frankenstein's fiancee).

And at the end of the story, Frankencstein and The Monster fall together from the cliff..(it can be also a big problem and the solution of all the problems, so...)

Assignment 4- Climax:

I think that the Climax in my book, in my opinion, is when the Monster kill Frankestein's brother and from there the plot become much more interesting. Then Frankensten and Henri go to find the Monster. They find him and he told them hes feelings and asked for woman/wife.. He hints Frankenstein that he must do it, or he'll kill his family, so Frankenstein must to agree. Then the Monster grabb Frankenstein's fiancee, Elizabeth, and then Henri and Frankenstein go find them.. Finally the Monster and Frankestein fight at the clifftop, there was a lighting that kill both of them..

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