Pregnant and Parenting Teens Require Special Support to Stay in
School, other wise without it they feel the need to drop out and think that dropping out is there only option. Being a young teen mom isn't easy, having to find care for your baby and pay for it and still have an education is almost impossible, but to this day, teen moms still find a way to do it.

However Teen pregnancy is common reason for young girls dropping out these days and even with educational help, information and warnings about the consequences about being a teen  mom  from school they still get pregnant, some find it as a mistake and others find it as a blessing. The many reasons for pregnant teen girl drop outs are," lack of transportation and child care, extended absences and other scheduling conflicts, juggling school work and parenting responsibilities, and discrimination from school faculty create barriers to teen parents' success in school." As I was informed from " Drop outs 2013 magazine". A lot of teen moms have support from there teachers, friends and family members but others become alone, unfriended and disowned.

There for, I feel parents and schools should talk more about teen pregnancy's, even though I am sure it is very much known, I think the topic needs to be more talked about, and inform teens about it so much more then it already is. You can only drag on the topic for so long and the fact that teens still don't listen means something. Even if girls are still getting pregnant they should still stay in school. A lot of teen girls would be so embarrassed to walk in to a school trying to hide there baby bump and try  to keep the staring and talk about them away. So to avoid all of that they drop out of school, that cant be the option anymore. They cant say it was an accident,  they know very much what was happening in the moment and know very much what the out come was going to be.

In conclusion, every school should enforce that dropping out for the reason of being pregnant shouldn't be allowed. Students cant lack there education even if they don't feel comfotablel going to the school a home schooling program should be provided to the teen mom. Without her education how does she plan to support her baby. No matter how far we drag this teen mom conversation, I know it will still be a big probloum today. We can only do so much but even then parents and school administration should never the less lack there support to keep teen moms educated as much as possible.