Raniya Values

Happy Father's Day to my king 👨😔 I miss him so much #FreeHim they can't hold you forever 👮🔫 Daddy's girl forever

I Value my family mostly my dad because im a daddys girl . my dad spoi mel he lets me get my way ! I just love my daddy

My Bestfriend

Bestfriend painting my toes 😚💅👭❤️

I value my bestfriend she my favorite girl she always there for me !

My pretty girl

Im a pretty young girl !


I value my education

I value my education because I come to school everyday & passing some of my classes

value health

I value my health because I like to find out how my works!

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3 years ago

Raniya, nice work. It's clear you understand how to utilize the website, and you gave me five clearly labeled values and offered an explanation for each. Great job!