Basketball Captain Plays with Sprained Ankle

    On October 23rd 2014 in Johnsonville Ontario, a high school student, Mara Phillips, captain of the Johnsonville Jaguars basketball team has shocked a lot of people today. After spraining her ankle she still doesn't give up. She still gives it her all in this championship with a quick eye for a pass and positive attitude towards teamwork.

    Mara has also stated her reason to keep playing with a sprained ankle. Mara says, "My passion for the Jaguars will remain while I'm still here so I'm just gonna fight 'til I'm finished. It's not really about winning or the points you made. it's the effort you put to get those points."

    Johnsonville Jaguars' basketball coach Jeff Kentucky has said a few words for Mara. "Mara is a very strong girl and it's shocking to see her play with a lot of potential and putting in work. The purpose of limits is to stay within the boundaries but Mara has surpassed her limits with confidence and pride"

    Coach Kentucky has ensured that Mara has to take some rest before her full scholarship with the Arizona Panthers. We wish the Jaguars good luck as they head off into the championship match.

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