Silverstream was Graystripe's mate and Featherail and Stormfur's mother who died giving birth to them, also upsetting young Cinderpaw because she couldn't save her. Silverstream's mother was Willowbreeze and her father was Crookedstar. Soon after her birth her mother and sisters catch greencough. Crookedstar avoids Silverkit at first because he doesn't want to lose her like his mate and other kits. Later Oakheart tells him he should act more fatherly toward his daughter, and that he is acting like Rainflower after she rejected Crookedstar when his jaw went crooked. They then get into a fight which frightens Silverkit and Crookedstar sees this and calms her, then he introduces himself to his kit. When she gets older she falls for the ThunderClan warrior Graystripe and has his kits in which process she dies giving birth.

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