Previously On....

- It was my first day of middle school, I was so nervous. Friends and family members told me that it was going to be hard. I got to school, i was really nervous. I walked through the doors and saw my friends. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

-Just finished my last 2nd nine week exam, WINTER BREAK! i knew that the school year was half way over. I couldn't believe how much I had processed. I had made new friends and learned new stuff. I am really excited, because my friends told me I should try out for Track and Field because they think I would do great and Shot put and Discus.

- One more week of school until summer vacation! I had looked back through my whole year as a sixth grader. I see that I had made the State Championship Team for track and field. I had made more friends. And I also did great on STAAR testing. My brain is about to turn onto Summer mode. The only thing stopping me now is, FINALS!!!!! :( Wish me luck!