Lost In The Shark-Infested Woods!

By Jennifer Taylor (Period #2, Mr. Mim's Class)

I can't believe it. I'm lost in the woods. Yeah, you might think,"Hey, no biggie. Just follow the way you came from." Well, that's different. That's in your world, not mine. In my world(okay, you might think this is insane, but it's true)THERE ARE LIVE SHARKS SWIMMING IN THE WOODS! Yep. Rub your eyes, and re-read that sentence. You heard me. Okay, pause the tape and rewind to this morning. I was taking my puppy, Rouge, out for a walk, and she slipped through her collar and ran into the woods. Clutching my tote bag, I ran after her, caught her, and stuck her in my tote bag. So that's how I got stuck in the woods. Suddenly, I remembered my cellphone, and whipped it out of my bag. I flipped it open. "Great", I mutter. No service! Then, I froze. Something was stalking me. I could sense it, and so could Rouge. I saw it. It turned out to be a friendly shark, too. It guided me to the edge of the woods, and I saw my house. I ran inside, flung myself on the bed, and let Rouge out of my purse. Home, sweet, home. "Next time, your collar is going to be tighter. We could have gotten EATEN ALIVE! No treats for a month. BAD DOG", I said to Rouge. As if she understood me, she whimpered and buried her face in her paws. "Fine. You can have your treats. Just NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!". Rouge perked up, and nodded. Again, she understands me.

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