Air and water pollution

             China's air pollution                                                      children are born with asthma. The reason is because China uses a lot  of coal in factories which pollutes the air.

     China is putting limits on car driving. Concer is now one of the top     ways people die in China. People get cancer for breathing the polluted air in China

             India's water pollution

Most of India's water is polluted. Making it unsafe to drink. People sometimes throw the remains of relatives in the water too. There is so much trash in the water which causes trash to wash up on shore. Indian cities produce nearly 40,000,000 gallons of sewage every day and barley 20% of it is treated. An estimated 2,000,000 people ritually bathe daily in Ganges River

          Solution to the pollution

Some ways is to ride bikes,walk,or just ride the bus so there is less cars out driving. They're so many was you can help keep the air cleaner. To prevent water pollution you can just recycle.

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