American Indians of the Southwest
By Jack Bundy

The Pueblo Shelter

The pueblo lived in tall stacked apartment like buildings. They made them out of adobe blocks which is made out of mud and straw. Each little house is a room just for one person. They built their shelters on mountains and cliffs. They also use ladders to get up to the top of the tall buildings.


The Pueblo clothing was made out of a yucca, a desert plant, and full grown cotton, they spun, dyed, and weaved their clothes. They also used wolf fur, rabbit, and turkey feathers for their clothes.


The Pueblo grew food and crops such like corn, squash, and beans. They accessed farming by irrigation. Irrigation was to move water to a very dry place.

Their Religion

In their religion they would go into underground chambers, they were called a kiva. In the kiva there were masked dancers called kachinas. They represented the spirits which were wind, rain, and thunder. If the kachinas danced well for the spirits they will favor them rain for next season's crops.

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