Intro to: Mythology

By Sarah Huh
May 20th, 2014

What is mythology? -A collection of myths representing a culture. Greece and Rome used myths for explaining natural occurences.

Artemis: The goddess of hunt, wild animals, moon, and protector of women in child birth. Artemis vowed to never marry and have children. The cypress tree and the deer symbolize Artemis, and her Roman name is Diana.

Pegasus: A beautiful horse with wings, and is the son of Medusa and Poseidon.

Bellerophon tried to steal Pegasus, but when he was trying to ride it, Zeus got angry and sent a bug to bite Pegasus. When that happened, Pegasus bucked off Bellerophon, who fell and died. MORAL: Don't steal from the Olympians-they will find out and punish you.

Modern day connections:

-Some of the Greece/Roman mythology names are used today.

-Pandora is used as a website today

-People still eat olives

-Planets are named after the Roman gods

-Greek yogurt

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