Natural Fibers

Comes from plants and animals.

Cotton Characteristics: Mostly composed of cellulose.
Color Retention
Good Absorbency
Prints well
Easy to handle and sew
Machine Washable

Cotton Care: Can be washed in the washer at even the hottest of temperatures.
Any detergent can be used and bleach can be used.
Cotton can wrinkle easily but an iron on the highest heat is still safe to use.

Cotton Uses: The long cotton fibers are used to make cloth, the short fibers can be used in the paper industry.

Wool Characteristics: Does not trap heat.
does not cling to the skin
absorbs water and also can release it
Naturally fire resistant
Readily accept dye colors

Wool Care: Dry cleaning once a season is usually helps to keep wool in good shape.
Dry on a flat surface away from direct heat or sunlight.
Empty pockets after every wearing to keep them from bulging or sagging.
Clean it using your washer's hand wash or wool cycle with cool water.

Wool Use: Costumes
Chair Covers
"Better" Carpets

Flax Characteristics: 70% is composed of cellulose.
Cannot mess up your allergies
Absorbs humidity
Allows the skin to breathe
Can be wetted a lot without alteration but gets softer

Flax Care: read the washing care label before putting it for wash.
Hand-wash your flax clothing or to be better still, give it to the dry cleaners
The stains can also be removed by sprinkling talcum powder or or rubbing white vinegar on the stain
flax clothing is not dried using a dryer, instead it should be air-dried
If you want to iron the flax clothing, you could do so when the material is slightly damp

Flax Use: Used for skin conditions

Silk Characteristics: Natural Shine
Smooth and Soft
Not slippery
Strongest Fiber
Heat Conductivity

Silk Care: Dont spray silk with perfume or deodorant
Dont bleach it
Never expose it to sunlight for a long period of time
Dont spray it with water while ironing
Never wring dry
Iron the backside only

Silk Use: Printing
Pajamas Dressing Gowns
Sewing Thread
Furnishing and Upholstery
Silk laces and tulles

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