I have been framed!!!

I have been framed!!!

Dear Mr Gumdrops

I have been framed!!! It wasn’t me that cursed snow white with the apple,

It was my cousin Linda!(*cough*The wicked Witch of the west*cough*)

She cursed that apple and came to my house, ate me out of house and home and came in and started lounging around before I even knew she was here. so frame her! not me!

She cursed the apple before I got to pick it up! She Is very annoying and I said that she couldn’t come (she did anyway if you hadn’t noticed) So I was going to give the apple to snow white not knowing of the curse, and when I did she dropped to the ground and suddenly I knew.

some people like to bake, one of those people is me. I like to make gingerbread houses. But not ordinary gingerbread houses. I set the world record for biggest gingerbread house in history. but my cousin came over and ate ALL OF IT! what is worse is the record keepers were coming THE NEXT DAY! what is even worse she found my supplies for making it AND ATE IT ALL! she must have the

record for worlds biggest stomach!

so, it was 19,4,03 and I was just sitting on the lounge reading this weeks crone alone when I remembered that I needed to go to witchety bingo. so quickly I got my broomstick and flew off

I was there for about an hour or two and was really tired when I got home so I was just going to finish my mag but when I sat down I heard “Get Off Me!!”

So as you can see, I Have Been Framed!!!

kind regards, The Wicked Witch

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