Welcome!! To my ART BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, you may know me as that kid in the back of class that draws, but here I am MentalCrash or Crahsie.

~Fandom Art~

All the pictures under this headline will be from my fandoms (things i'm obsessed with).

Under every picture i'll tell you what fandom it's from.

It's Meilin and Rollan from Spirit Animals. A book series I love.

First drawing.

This is a couple from my favorite book series, Rollan and Meilin, are the two characters in the picture.

This is the first version of the drawing. The colored version I will post later.

Crashie out.

You guys wanna know the good thing about leaving school during 1st period, because you have a fever of 100.4.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH It means (if you have an art blog) You can update your blog.

Well, i'm still kind of sad I left school,though.

I was looking forward to Theater class today.

Anyways, i'm gonna go take a nap now.

Crashie out.

More Spirit Animals stuff.

:) :) :) :)


Crashie out.


I drew these a while ago, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there was suposed to be one more, but I never found the time to draw him.

Ya'll wanna know something?

I really, really want my own computer.

I'm tried of using my mom's computer.

Welp, maybe i'll get one for my brithday.

[Insert any song right here]

Crashie out.


Good things about drawing a chibi Baymax:

1. It's cute.

2. It's Baymax.

3.It can make you happy.

Bad things about drawing chibi Baymax:

1. You can loose it.

2. Over a million people ask you for one.


I drew Baymax as you can see, now I have over a million people that want me to draw one for them, so I might be drawing a TON of Baymaxs over the weekend.


Oooooooo~ it's dinner time!

Crashie out.


The way I draw side view of male and female heads. Left: Female Right: Male.

Under this headline i'll put all of my bases I use to draw some of my art.

My bases for side heads when I draw.

The only reason I have bases is so I can remember the way I draw a specific things.


[Insert coolish music here]

Crashie out.

My dragon base

My dragon base.

I really have noting else to say.

Wow, normally I never stop talking.


Crashie out.

~Random Things~

It's all in the title.

I drew a bunch of dragons.

Hahahahahahahah, if any of you guys want one, just tell me, and I draw you one.


I now have an addiction to that.

Crashie out.


If you want me to draw something for you, i'll put it under here.

The ways you can tell me you want something are....~

DM on Instagram

Comment on my account ( @ _just_ another_random_artist_ ) on Instagram

tell me in class

call me or text me ( if you have my number )

or just tell me on here.

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