Election of 1896

Taylor and Faith

The Election
Populist Party wanted silver to be the focus of their campaign. They believed the Republicans would endorse a gold standard, and they did. The plan failed, the Democrats did not waiver on the silver. William Jennings Bryan, was soon elected.

Bryan’s Campaign
Williams Jennings Bryan was only 36 years old when nominated for presidency.Waged an energetic campaign, traveling thousands of miles and delivering 600 speeches in 14 weeks.Catholic immigrants and other city-dwellers cared little for the silver issue.Republicans nominated William McKinley as their candidate.

The Front Porch Campaign
McKinley’s campaign from Canton, Ohio. Republicans campaigned against the Democrats by promising workers that McKinley would provide a“full dinner pail.” urban workers wanted this rather than the issue of silver and money. McKinley’s was a moderate on labor and as tolerant on ethnic groups helped improve the Republican Party’s image.

This is William Jennings Bryan. He was a strong supporter of silver during the period of the election of 1896. William Jennings Bryan, a former member of Congress from Nebraska, was only 36 years old when the Democrats and the Populists nominated him for president. He was a powerful speaker and he won the Democratic nomination by delivering an electrifying address in defense of silver.  He ran against William McKinley, the governor of Ohio and lost terribly due to McKinley's strong campaign.

William Jennings Bryan

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