When I Played Baseball

By: Anthony R

My team name was the Jets, we never won a game during the whole season at all. The first game when I stepped on the plate, the pitcher throws the ball and crack!!! It went in the air and home run everybody cheered for me, it was the best game I have ever had in baseball. It was the inning of the game I needed that hit really bad, and I’m glad that I hit it. When the game was over we all shoke each other hands, I could tell the other team was really mad. It goes in all sports you win some, and you lose some. When you first step on the plate your kind of nervous, I was nervous the first time I stepped on the plate. I was thinking in my head because you never know if the pitcher will slip up hit with the ball, if the pitcher does hit you get a free walk to first base. There is only three outs when there is three outs both teams switches, the outfield goes to batting and batting go to the outfield. In baseball you only get 3 strikes and you’re out. I was 10 years old when I first played baseball and I’m still 10 years old now today. This whole year I was pitching, I wouldn’t call myself great but, I think I’m pretty good for a pitcher, even though our team never won a game it was fun during the whole season. But when I ever want to play Baseball again I will ever never ever never play on the Jets again. Anybody that plays Baseball, if you get out I can promise you will really get mad, I was mad when I Stroke out or I hit the ball in the air and got out. In the Minor and Major league Baseball it is legal to use too much pine tar because if you do you will be suspended for a year.