dylan dunbar

This is the way of farming in anchiant Mesopotamia. They used dough outs to farm so the water would be close and they built it up so where it flooded the water would go down those streams to keep water to the plants. That is how the farmed back then they built up bariers so the water would not flow over and flood their crops this was a good way to farm. When you farm like this then you can walk up each row and pick the crops that are done. It was easy to do this because now all of there crops would grow right and they would get done.

well now i am wrighting about how mesopitamia farming is. They grew alot of crops. They did good on how they set every water streem. They grew alot of crops a year because they were smart and they had built it all up strong.

This is another way they farmed it is the same but they have different people doing it and the ditches are different. They used different tools for different plants they plied the fills with a horse or pig or a big donky. The reason they used this stuff is so they could plow the feilds and plant the things. The foods that they planted was corn, beans,pototos,and other things like good foods.