Dylan Ricks
Day 1

Today was the first day of the 3D printing camp, and we had a chance to build out of legos or clay. I decided to work with Dulantaz and JT to build the Washington monument, and it turned out decently, not too good and not too bad. The most challenging part was definitely trying to scrape together the pieces needed, but the actual building of it was fairly simple. Then, we scrapped the creation and worked with Emmanuel to build the pyramid of Djoser(also known as the step pyramid) at Saqqara, the oldest known pyramid built in the world. It took us quite a bit longer than the Washington monument, because it fell apart multiple times, but in the end we were able to have a successful building. The most challenging part was definitely when an entire side of the pyramid essentially broke apart, and we had to rebuild it. However, I did quite like the final product, and it really worked out well. During the building of the pyramid and Washington monument, we learned that building foundations is important to make sure that the building doesn't fall apart in the end. Overall, today was fun and productive, and I definitely had fun.

Day 2

Today we were able to work with a digital design program called Tinkercad. Tinkercad allows us to create 3D objects, then to export them as a file that can be printed with a 3D printer. We created keychains to start out learning how to use the program, then later we were able to remix chess pieces. I was able to remix a bishop, and I edited in a pair of angel wings onto the back of my bishop. It wasn't all that challenging, though if we had not been guided through importing images and editing them, I would never have been able to do it. My favorite part was looking through all the awesome designs that we could import into our remix on Thinkiverse, and my least favorite part was definitely when I learned that I couldn't have a halo in my remix as well, because there would be too much support structure to remove. Today was even more fun than yesterday, and I learned a ton about digital design.

Day 3

Today we put our newly acquired Tinkercad skills from yesterday to the test by building one of four structures. The choices were either Fort McHenry, the Pantheon, St. Peter's Cathedral, or the Basilica of Constantine. I chose to recreate the Pantheon in Tinkercad, because I wanted a semi-challenge without being overly kill-myself difficult. The Pantheon is located in Rome, and it is a domed building with pillars out in front. I made the entire building out of the simple Geometric shapes available in Tinkercad - cylinders for the pillars and rounded part of the building, a paraboloid for the domed roof, a triangular prism for the other part of the roof, and rectangular prisms for the floor where the pillars are and for the stairs. The most challenging part was making the columns and rows of pillars line up, because it was quite annoying to get them lined up down to the millimeter. However, the easiest part was definitely the stairs out front - after the pillars everything was easy! I learned a ton about manipulating the geometric shapes to make them into just about anything I want, and today was definitely the most fun day so far.

Day 4

Today was a build off of yesterday's buildings work, along with the chess pieces from day 2. We had the option of either remaking out chess pieces due to printing issues or working on our buildings some more, and I chose the latter, since my chess piece worked out just fine. My Pantheon from yesterday only had 5 pillars in the front, when the actual building has 8, so I added 3 more columns to make it 8 wide, and I also scaled the entire building down to printing size. After I finish my Pantheon, we got split into groups to make theme parks. My job for the theme park was to make a roller coaster and since my group's theme for the park was myth, I made mine a giant themed coaster. The most difficult task today was adding the extra layers to the columns of my Pantheon, because I want them all to like up, which is quite difficult down to the millimeter.

Day 6

Today we began our work on our independent projects. My plan is to create four separate maze sections and to fit them together after printing them into one large labyrinth. Before creating the mazes in Tinkercad, I am creating the designs for them in Minecraft, since it is much simpler there. It is a little challenging to create the math of the maze while creating it in Tinkercad! Once I finish creating the last two sections of the maze in Minecraft, I will start creating the maze sections in Tinkercad, and hopefully I can start printing the sections tomorrow or Wednesday. Each of the four sections in the screenshot from Minecraft represents a section that I will print, and I will fit all four together after printing.

Day 7

Today, I finished creating my maze in Minecraft, and I began transferring the maze parts over to Tinkercad. Since the mazes take a long time to complete, I was only able to complete 2 of the 4 sections of the maze today, and will make the other 2 sections tomorrow.

Day 8

Today, I completed the last 2 sections of my maze in Tinkercad. Also, the first section from yesterday printed overnight! It turned out really well, and the last 3 section are going to print overnight tonight or during the day tomorrow. I can't wait to be able to fit the 4 pieces together to make the complete labyrinth!

Day 9

Today, we did a few activities similar to what we did during the first week, where everyone in the group would make the same thing or something similar to each other's creations. At first, we had pretty much free range on what to create, so I decided to download a mars rover and then remix it by adding a radar and a mechanical claw. Then, we had to create a superhero and name them. I created a superhero called Laserman, who shoots lasers. Then, we had some free time, so about half of us joined the same Minecraft world and built houses. I created a house then booby trapped it.

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Is that a razor sharp fin on Laserman's back or a counterweight to keep him from toppling over from the weight of that ginormous weapon?