By: Ashley Norfleet

The Maya are people of Central America and Southern Mexico. The Maya built temples and pyramids and created the most accurate calendar. That made them famous for there achitecture and mathematics skills. The Maya civilization was composed of city states, each of the city states was based by hereditary ruling.

What did the Mayans eat?

There were a lot of foods we never even heard about. They ate avocados, sweet potatoes, guavas, tomatoes, manioc, chaya, jicama, and other fruits and vegetables.

How did the Mayans dress?

Maya used bark cloth, hemp fiber and cotton as materials for their clothing. The clothing was vibrant and exotic. Women wore a headdress entertwining with their hair. Men wore turbans. Women wore shirts with like a sleeveless tunic. Men wore a breech-clout wrapped around their legs.

How did they build?

They made the mortar by burning limestone, they layered the limestone with wood and put a cylinder or pipe up the middle of the stack, and then they burned the pile to make the mortar. Appearance was important. They used stone tools fabricated from chert and obsidian.

The video above covers what gods they believe in, how they kept track of time, and how many people lived in their civilization.

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