Olea, a Cuban painter........

Walking down the Havana´s streets and enjoying a wonderful evening, I met a dreamer artist: Olea

He has dedicated his life to painting. Despite the economic situation in Cuba, he has managed to continue his work against all odds. In a warm conversation, he expressing his feelings through a brush, and it has allowed him to give peace to his soul and mind. The inspiration source for his new creations, usually born from everyday situations: a person, a car, a flower, a cloud, a conversation, generally, where his heart feels that the moment should be captured. It is really incredible!

My friend Olea thinks that happiness must be daily food. The adversity even more complicated situations, it should not be a reason to leave the dreams. This blog is dedicated with love to him, and  for all the readers of this blog I leave them a beautiful song about life and its simplicity: "Gracias a la vida" by Violeta Parra (Chilean singer-songwriter)

by Patricio