my bug box project

my bug box

In This bug box topic with have been designing and creating bug boxes.This picture is my bug bow and i created it in ADT.I used i meter plank of oak wood and a variety of materials for the habitat.What you do with it is stab it in the ground and there are lots of chopsticks sticking out the bottom which are supposed to be were the spiders can create their webs.The bamboo it for ants to because it gives them a place to keep out of the cold.On the left there are nut shells again for the ants and similar invertebrates.Even though it has the same use they might like ever side because some of the insects might not like the other so they can just move to the other side.The bottom section with the netting inside of it is to stop the hay falling is quite warm so maybee insects wich are hybernating. The.The habbitat i chose to place my bug box into the ground was in my garden in the flower bed but the problem was my mum always watered the flowers wich ment the bugs were geting washed out quite offten.Thats wy even though it was out side for 203 days i only had ten bugs.

I also worked on a graph on XL of all the people in year 7 and there data.I put it into a scatter graph because they are the easiest to tell the data and the differences.On XL i went round all of the people and the amount of days there bug box has been outside.If they hadn't put there bugbox outside in the table there would be a loud of little circles all crammed into the bottom lift connor this is the graph.

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