My Tackk Assignment

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My Reflections

The greatest thing about this course is getting to know the technologies that are capable of "humanizing" and giving collaboration capabilities to online and blended courses. VoiceThread,, Animoto, and Tackk are interesting. For me, it seems like Tackk and are helpful to humanize the instructor, whereas perhaps Animoto and definitely VoiceThread help to humanize the students much more. I'd like to learn more about humanizing the students inside the course. It has been a fun ride!

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2 years ago

Hi Kim, well you got the gist of the tools and that's great! Hopefully you can use them to create something practical to use in your course(s). You make a good point about the differences with humanizing. The framework provided on the Humanizing infographic ( suggests the concepts can be thought of in two spheres: 1) facilitation and 2) course design. In this class, we focused heavily on facilitation. You are right that VoiceThread offers an opportunity to foster both instructor presence and social presence (the latter which involves student-student interactions). I hope this has been a helpful start for you! 😊

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