Motion Group Project

By Jazz & Alli

1. What Is Newton's First Law And How Did It Affect Your Objects Motion?

Newton's first law is inertia an object that is in motion stays in motion an object at rest stays at rest , inertia affect our object once Jasmine (the unbalanced force) pushed off the car and the car kept rolling.

2. What Is Newton's Second Law And How Did It Affect Your Object?

Newton's second law is when a force acts on the object it causes the object to accelerates, This affect our object when the toy car was rolled and the speed is first increase.

3. What Is Newton's Third Law And How Did It Affect Your Object

Newton's third law is for every action there is a reaction, this affect our toy car when we pushed it (Action) and the car rolled (reaction).

The Forces Involved Was:

Applied, Gravity, & Rolling.


1. What is Newton's First Law?

2. What Law Is This:When A Force Acts Upon An Onject The Object Accelerates?

3.What Law Is This:For Every Action There Is A Equal Or Opposite Reaction



2.Newton's Second Law

3. Newton's Third Law

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