The Southern Colonies

By: Meg Weaver

                Come to the Southern Colonies we Have a lot of Great Qualities!!!

The Southern Colonies consist of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.


The weather in the southern colonies was very sunny. Also year round it is fairly warm. Which resulted in the longest growing season. All the states are in the coast so you can cool down with the ocean!


In the southern colonies Tobacco, Rice, and Cotton are known as the cash crops because they gave the colony a lot of the money/income. Also the soil was very rich so the crops could be counted on to produce each growing season. In the Southern colonies they had some of the longest growing seasons.


Most of the industry is made from the successful crops. However another example of the Southern Colonies made money is shipbuilding and the timber/wood.


  • Established by Great Britain during 16th and 17th Century
  • Broad rivers located there was an excellent source of transportation.
  • A large part of the workforce was African slaves, who first arrived in 1619

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