Candy has been around for a very long time and they are still making some today! All the way from sour to chocolate.Let's get started!

First Candy!

First off, everybody wants to know who invented candy and that is...... ancient people!Thank you so much,ancient people! Although they did not make the name that was not until the 13th century.The first candy was fruits and nuts rolled in honey.But now they make it much more different!


Today it is made by sugar and sweeteners then add flavor by fruits and nuts! Actually it kind of sounds the same!

Fun facts!

  1. Candy flavor commercials were invented in 1949
  2. The best selling Halloween candy is M and M's!
  3. America's favorite chocolate brand is....... Snickers!

My opinion!

Candy is delicious and great. I feel bad for the people who are allergic because it is amazing! Candy gives you a big boost on the day. But you can't eat too much or else you will get sick!


Candy was in life for a reason and that is to eat and enjoy it,so do it! Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed the great facts of candy!






Thank you!!!

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