Everything You Need to Know About Cholesterol!

Cholesterol is a molecule that is essential for your cells and brain, but too much of it is a bad thing. This is why doctor's monitor it.

Usually, if a person eats more bad fats than good fats (saturated and trans fat) they have higher cholesterol levels. If you eat more unsaturated fats, you can decrease your cholesterol levels.

What are LDL and HDL?

-LDL is a molecule that transports cholesterol to the cells in your body.

-HDL is a molecule that removes excess cholesterol from the blood stream.

-Doctors have to keep a close eye on the concentration of LDL and HDL because too much of one or not enough of one can be a problem.

-Too much LDL and not enough HDL commonly causes many heart problems because you can have an excess of cholesterol in the blood stream and plaque buildups.

What does my cholesterol reading mean?

-A cholesterol test result is in milliliters over deciliters of blood (m/dL). This test will tell you how much LDL and HDL are in your body.

-Your results can also include the amount of triglycerides are in your body. You should typically have a lower number of LDL and a higher number of HDL.  

Cholesterol is important, but making sure you don't have too much can decrease your heart disease risks.

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