First Tackk!

Hey Tackkers!  My name is Anna and this is my very first Tackk!  Threw this Tackk, I am going to talk a little about myself so that you can learn a little bit about me and to know me better, so we can be friends. :)

Me, Myself, and I:

1.  I love all flowers! Pink, blue, red, doesn't matter, they are all equally beautiful!  
2.  Any insect, small or big, I can't stand!
3.  I wish that people would like me for me, and for them not to judge.
4.  I love the color blue, bow tie pasta, and my friends.
5.  I secretly  really want to be a perfect best friend for every person I know!  
6.  I love cats!  My favorite kitty cat is the Ragdoll Cat.

Shoutout to my Very Best Friend Ever:  @SilverWings

Once Upon a Time, Anna

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