Apps for Class

Here are some apps that could be used in the classroom to aid in the comprehension and learning of students.


What is it? Socrative is an app that records student responses. Socrative allows students to answer questions on their own personal devices. If a student doesn't have their own device, (s)he can share with a friend. Socrative stores the student responses so the teacher can review them at a later time.

How can it be used? Socrative can be used by the teacher as a form of a pop quiz. The teacher can pre-make quizzes and the students can answer them in class. The teacher can choose to make the quiz multiple choice, or short answer. Socrative will give the students instant feedback. This is great for a pre-test quiz, to be used as an exit ticket, or simply to understand the comprehension of the students.


What is it? And how can it be used?


What is it? Remind101 is an app that allows there to be a text sent to the personal devices of the students (or in some cases the parents) that allows the teacher to communicate with the students in real time before or after school hours. The students subscribe to the teacher's class using the app and then they will receive the messages the teacher sends out.

How can it be used? Have you ever forgotten to tell your students something in class? Or wanted to remind them to bring in something for the next class? Remind101 can help you connect with your students before and after school hours. For example, I often forget to tell my students to bring a certain item for the next class (pencil crayons). Instead of changing my lesson for the next day, I log into my app, send a message out to all my students, and they get a text on their personal devices giving them the message I forgot to relay in class. This can also be used to remind students to do something for homework.


What is it? Duolingo is an app that has lessons that teach students different languages. The app offers the student to learn French, Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages. The key of this app is that the lessons are presented in the form of games. This engages students and keeps their attention.

How can it be used? Language teachers can use this app in their classrooms. Instead of giving the students "free time" during class (which they often beg for), the teacher can have them using this fun, engaging app to learn the language. The teacher could give rewards based on the number of lessons completed on the app. In this way, the student is learning in a fun, interactive way.


What is it? Twitter is a social networking tool that is used to "follow" people of interest and "tweet" your ideas, comments, basically anything you want to say, to be heard by your followers. On twitter, you can follow actors, tv personalities, authors, radio stations, newspapers, and anyone and everyone, including the Pope.

How can it be used? Twitter can be an extremely useful tool in the classroom. In an English classroom, it can be used to connect with the author of the book you are doing a novel study on, or as a medium by which your class creates a story, 140 characters at a time. In a Physics classroom, you can use twitter to ask NASA scientists questions about astrophysics or to keep up with the news about particle accelerators. In a second language classroom, you can use it to connect with people from around the world to practice your written French, or Spanish, or whatever language you are studying.

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